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Face Time-Machine Database (FaceTiM 2D V. 1. 0)

Face Time-Machine Database V. 1.0 (FaceTIM V 1.0) is a new database collected by LiSSi Biometrics Group (University Paris-Est) for researchers working on Digital face ageing or face Rejuvenation. In other words, it will be useful to evaluate algorithms aiming to predict human faces in the future, or making their age looking younger. FaceTIM is a collection of two face images sets. The first set (Set 1) contains adult face images (called Original images) selected or acquired from 120 individuals, including public movie stars face images, and volunteers face images. The second set (Set 2) contains childhood face images (called Reference images) of the same person who belong to Set 2.

Each image in the database uses the following format: Gender-Type-Number. JPG


Example 1: F-O-32.JPG describes a female adult (Original) face image.

Example 2:  M-R-31.JPG describes a Male child (Reference) face. 

To access to FaceTIM, please fill in the request form below. 

FaceTIM Director: Prof. A. Nait-ali

FaceTIM members: E. Farazdaghi, F. Majidzadeh

Set 1

Set 2

3D Face Time-Machine Database (FaceTiM 3D V.1. 0)

The Face Time-Machine database (FaceTim 3D V.1. 0) consists of 500 3D textured meshes of 145 subjects (Female and Male) at different ages in frontal view, with minimum facial expression. This database has been collected partly by using the web and celebrities’ facial images as well as the volunteers who have agreed to contribute. It is obvious that 3D facial image acquisition of people’s childhood was impossible, so we collected their photos of their past. Then, the images have been reconstructed into 3D. For each subject, we collect at least three faces in three different ages from 3 to 75 years old.



The labels of each face is embedded in the file name, formatted like: [gender]_[(age)].obj  

  • [gender] is either M (male) or F (female)  

  • [(age)] is an integer from 3 to 75, indicating the age  

License Claim

The FaceTim 3D V. 1. 0 dataset is available for non-commercial research purposes only.

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